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Estate Planning Lawyer Worthington OH

At Rathburn & Associates, our attorneys have been helping Worthington OH area individuals and families manage their assets and plan their future for over 25 years. The experienced attorneys at Rathburn & Associates are committed to helping you create an estate plan that will achieve your goals and ensure your last wishes are followed. Having a well-prepared estate plan by an experienced attorney at Rathburn & Associations will ensure your last wishes are followed, your assets are distributed properly, and your family is taken care of they way you want them to be.

Life sometimes gets people into situations they don't understand. We make legal matters understandable and simplify things as much as possible. Our mission has always been to provide clients with value for their money. We provide individual attention to you and your specific situation. In our office you are never "just a number" or "just another file." We'll help you determine what solutions are best for you and your family, ensure you are making informed decisions, and help you create a plan that is enforceable upon your passing.

Worthington OH Area Elder Law, Estate Planning & Probate Lawyers

Dennis A. Rathburn is a highly experienced attorney and accountant who is well-suited to serve your legal needs. Dennis Rathburn is a trusted advisor to families planning for their future and survivors dealing with probate court. As part of our Estate Planning practice, we can also help you with the, sometimes complex, area of Elder Law and Medicaid Planning. Take control of your estate assets you've worked hard your whole life to acquire -- trust the attorneys at Rathburn & Associates to handle all your estate planning needs.

Avoid Ohio Probate with Proper Estate Planning

Probate Lawyer Worthington OH

Don't leave the outcome of your estate to Ohio probate - take control of your estate assets you've worked hard your whole life to acquire and create an enforceable plan that will ensure your family will be taken care of. The largest part of our practice is in helping families prepare for a death to occur (Estate Planning) and helping families with legal needs following a death in their family (Probate / Non-Probate).

At Rathburn & Associates, we take the time to understand your needs, evaluate your assets, and help you make a plan that is enforceable upon your passing. We want to help your family avoid probate and focus on each other in that time of need.

Estate planning is important at every stage of life. Ensure your loved ones' futures with proper estate planning that will:

  • Protect your loved ones from legal disputes and financial hardship
  • Settle estate disputes through negotiation, avoid probate or, if necessary, plan for probate litigation
  • Clarify complex business succession matters
  • Eliminate delays in estate administration and minimize post-death tax consequences
  • Achieve your goals

Wills and Trusts

Some situations may require that assets be re-titled to aid in avoiding Probate and saving money. Assets may be titled so that they "Transfer on Death" by one of several ways including "Rights of Survivorship" (JWROS, WROS). Generally the three primary types of assets to consider owning with "Transfer on Death" (TOD) status is real estate, motor vehicles and bank accounts.

This can make a very sizable difference in what legal work will be necessary upon the death of an owner. By using "Transfer on Death" (TOD) assets such as bank accounts, motor vehicles and real estate may be passed to your loved one without the need for probate court processing.

Rathburn & Associates will give you honest legal advice so you can make an informed decision on what documents you truly need in your estate plan. We have decades of experience drafting and reviewing wills, living trusts, and powers of attorney, helping you maximize the value of your estate and eliminate any uncertainties over administration of your estate.

Elder Law

Before you retire, before the possibility of a nursing home presents itself, call Rathburn & Associates. Early planning is instrumental in keeping your assets in tact. We have the experience and we want to be your trusted advisor. As part of our Estate Planning practice, we can help you with the sometimes complex area of elder law and Medicaid planning.

We can explain Trusts and their different forms and uses, both as a way to plan for your potential need for Medicaid, to avoid probate, and as a planning tool for minors and persons with special needs where we must work around and preserve disability benefits.

"Estate planning doesn't have to be time consuming and expensive! This is what we believed until we found Dennis at Rathburn & Associates. He made the process so comfortable and easy to understand, we found ourselves asking why we waited so long! Don't put your important planning on hold any longer... there's no reason to when you have someone to work with like Rathburn & Associates." Dennis & Carlene Thomlinson

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