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Whether you are defending against a collector or need a highly experienced collection attorney to help you collect money owed to you or your business, attorney Dennis A. Rathburn is the attorney to call. Contact Rathburn & Associates to get the help you need.

Collections  - Rathburn & Associates - 1collectionsPut an end to the harassing phone calls. Tell them to talk to your attorney, Dennis Rathburn.

If you are behind on your mortgage, loans, hospital, or utility bills call Rathburn & Associates. It is not a crime to be behind on your payments. It is, however, illegal for collectors to threaten, harass, or make false claims.

Dennis Rathburn is tough against collectors.

If you are facing collection of any kind, including foreclosure or collection of a motor vehicle loan and want to stop the collector from contacting you call Rathburn & Associates at 614-497-9918. Let us deal with the collector on your behalf.  We will always treat you with dignity and respect as you face this difficult time in your life. We will seek out an amicable resolution and many times we can eliminate or reduce late fees and finance charges to make your repayment terms more manageable.

If you are being pursued or harassed by a collection agency the best thing you can do is retain an attorney. Then, the next time the collector calls, tell them to call your attorney, and give them this number: 614-497-9918. 

The moment a debt collector is aware you have hired an attorney they must stop calling or contacting you and deal directly with your attorney.

The Federal Law that governs consumer debt collectors is called the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).  This law has severe penalties for even one violation by a collection agency. 

Some illegal collection tactics include:

  • Mailing you a letter that contains false information
  • A collector threatening violence to you or your family
  • Calling you before 8:00a.m. or after 9:00p.m.
  • Calling your employer about your debt
  • They threaten you with jail or arrest
  • They tell you a lien will be filed on your income
  • They tell a lie or misstate your debt
  • Using a technic referred to as "Robocalling" or texting your phone

If you are victim of any of these scare tactics from a collector, get  Rathburn & Associates on your side. We will vigorously defend you and attempt to prevent your income and assets from being attached by a collector.

You have 2 options for notifying the collectors you have an attorney: tell them by phone or through a "cease and desist" letter sent to them by certified mail.

The “cease and desist” letter only needs to tell the collector to stop calling you.  Once you receive verification of the certified mail being received by the collection agency they can no longer call you on the phone. Now you can call and tell them to call Rathburn & Associates at 614-497-9918.

Are you a business owner with accounts to collect?

If you are a business owner and have accounts to collect, contact attorney Dennis A. Rathburn at 614-497-9918.  We have represented businesses of all sizes and types from auto dealers, heavy equipment dealers, banks, finance companies, dentists and small businesses.  We have represented people who have sold real estate with seller financing via mortgages and sales via Land Installment Contracts.  We have also represented Landlords – these matters cross over into real estate law and attorney Dennis A. Rathburn is highly experienced in these areas of the law.  

 Attorney Dennis A. Rathburn has significant experience in all collection matters. 

Know your rights! Since 1991, I've helped victims of collection harassment fight and win. Let the law work in your favor. Help is just a phone call away.