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Ohio Social Security Disability Attorney

Columbus Social Security Disability Lawyer - Rathburn & Associates - 1socialHave you become disabled and are unable to resume working? Obtaining social security disability benefits can be difficult and eligible recipients become discouraged. Let an experienced attorney help you with this approval process and increase your chances in receiving a successful claim.

If you have a physical and/or mental health condition that has prevented, or is expected to prevent, you from being employed at any job for at least 12 months, you may be eligible for Social Security disability and/or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) monthly benefits.  You may be able to collect a lump sum for retroactive, “Past-Due” Benefits.  We do this work pursuant to Federal Social Security Law on a “contingent fee” basis.  We don’t get paid unless we get a favorable award and benefits for you. 

Ohio Social Security Disability Benefits

Social Security Disability benefits are for people who become disabled after paying social security taxes when they previously worked.  You must have been employed at least (5) five of the last (10) ten years with social security withholding.  Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits are available for adults who have not been employed and who meet certain income and resource requirements.  There are also special rules applicable to children who suffer from severe impairments.

Free Consultation for Social Security Denial in Columbus OH

To get started, you may apply at any Social Security office or online at Initially, most people that apply are denied benefits.  However, many of these people ultimately receive favorable awards and receive benefits with an appropriate appeal. Do not give up without giving us a call at (614) 497-9918 and letting us review what you have. We have highly experienced attorneys that can help. 
We have many years of experience representing people just like you or your loved one.  We know the Federal Law and all procedures and regulations. We will gather your medical records to establish the severity of your conditions, analyze your case, file all appropriate appeals, prepare you to give testimony and appear at any and all hearings, attend the hearing with you and present your legal argument in the light most favorable to you. 
If you have been denied and feel you have a case to appeal, don’t do it alone.  Call us at (614) 497-9918 or complete the contact form on this website.  We can assist you no matter where you live.  We will help you with the initial documents needed to appeal your claim and there is no fee for the consultation.  If we accept your case, our fee is “contingent” on us getting you a favorable award and is paid from your “Past Due” benefits based on the Federal Statutes.

If you have been denied SSI or SSD benefits call Rathburn and Associates immediately for a FREE consultation: 614-497-9918