Our law practice is dedicated to supporting clients in the areas of estate planning, probate law, business law, real estate law, and estate/trust administrations. We make it simple to navigate these complex scenarios and direct our clients with results to solutions. If you require something we do not do, we’ll refer you to some great lawyer in that area. If you have any questions or an Estate matter in the state of Ohio, contact us today. Our law firm has experience representing clients in a broad range: Estate Legal matters. Inheritance Disputes. If you are in dispute over a loved one’s estate’s settling, please contact (614) 497-9918. Dennis Rathburn understands the emotional issues surrounding contested estates.


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We can do it in person or virtually (via phone or video conference). We will come up with a timeline and plan to find the results you need. We believe a lawyer’s job is to find the fastest and easiest path for you to achieve your objective, while still adhering to your values. Our experienced Estate Litigation Attorneys, Columbus, will walk you through every step. As Mr. President Lincoln said, “a lawyer’s time and advice are his stock in trade.”

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Protecting Your Interests and Ohio Property Rights During Probate Disputes

Did you know Under Power of Attorney or Executor. All beneficiary’s have the legal rights to question the Trustee in the state of Ohio. If a fiduciary has breached his duty? Rathburn & Associates understands the psychological turmoil that can occur and, along with their complex issues, helping individuals and families work through those disputes. Many trial attorneys and Estate lawyers in Columbus, OH, avoid probate due to the different probate principles, and many probate lawyers lack the trial abilities necessary for litigation. Estate lawyer in Columbus, OH Contingency fees are available, and we are eager to travel throughout Ohio to supply a completely free in-home preliminary consultation. Are assets lost from an Ohio estate litigation? Was your family farm only given to one sibling? Do you have any questions about the executor or Trustee? Contact one of the Top Columbus Estate Planning Lawyers – in Ohio for Family Wealth & Estate Planning.

We Can Help You Resolve:

Changes to beneficiary bank balance designations on insurance and investments. Disputes Concerning the inheritance of a farm. Pursuing hidden assets and submitting claims against the estate, and enforcing inheritance Guardianship institution. Interpretation by the court of terms inside a will or trust. Wills & Estate Lawyer Columbus, OH | Estate lawyer | Estate Planning. Name beneficiaries for your property. Prevent Probate. Protect you from unnecessary taxation—nominate guardians for your young children and their property. Appoint someone to generate health care and financial decisions on your behalf.

Probate Experience Plus Trial Skills

Probate litigation often involves family members having different views on a topic can create emotional turmoil that may harm familial relations for many decades. Having practical assistance knowledgeable about probate and probate litigation procedures and the probable results can help decrease your family experiences. Whether you are nearing the finish of your life, only starting, or someplace in the middle, planning will help make sure that your wishes are honored after you die or be incapacitated. A comprehensive estate plan can help you Estate lawyer in Columbus, OH:

Estate Planning Services

1) Estate Planning
2) Fiduciary Tax Planning and Compliance
3) Guardianships
4) Premarital Agreements
5) Probate and Trust Administration
6) Wills and Trusts
7) Wrongful Death Actions
8) Estate Planning FAQs
9) Estate and Business Succession Planning


Q. Is a real estate attorney necessary?

Yes! For the Great Majority of probate instances, an attorney isn’t required. Everyone can interact with the court system, and you also don’t need an attorney to do so. But there may be occasions when a lawyer is required.

Q. What’s the distinction between a probate Attorney and a real estate lawyer?

A probate attorney usually Handles the process of estate management after someone dies. On the other hand, an estate planning lawyer works with living clients on how their estates should be handled. The attorney could do that by helping customers prepare trusts, wills, and other pertinent documents.

Q. How much can a probate attorney price in Ohio?

What Does It Cost? The average cost to probate An estate in Ohio is 5 percent of the estate’s net value.

Q. How much does an estate planning lawyer typically charge in Columbus?

Some lawyers may prepare a typical, seasoned attorney’s bill of $250 or $350 per hour to design more complex estate plans. You could spend a few million dollars to utilize such an attorney.

Q. What does a lawyer do to settle an estate?

Financial Disputes arise between the personal representative and the Ohio estate’s beneficiaries and help sell their real estate property. It is the attorney’s responsibility to request court permission for a variety of actions as required by state legislation, including the sale of land.

Q. How is OH Probate calculated?

In 2019 the Present Probation filing Prices for the Supreme Court will be dependent on the estimated worth of the assets of the deceased estate located in NSW. … For an Estate valued between $100,000 and $250,000, the filing fee is $761. For an Estate valued between $250,000 and $500,000 the filing fee is $1,033.

Probate could be costly

The court takes some of the gross estate (the sum left by the deceased before your financial debts are paid) in oh probate fees can be as substantial as 10 percent. The Ohio court system might use money from the estate to assign lawyers to guard minor heirs’ interests or to run other areas of the process.

Would you empty a house before probate?

The answer is yes–you will nevertheless need to do probate until you can go about clearing a home following a death. If there’s a will, the executor named in the will has the responsibility of carrying out the decedent’s wishes in a probate court.

Here are kinds of assets that don’t need to go Through probate:

Retirement accounts–IRAs or 401(k)s, for example–for that a beneficiary was called. Life insurance profits (unless your estate is named rare beneficiary) property held at a dwelling trust. Funds In a payable-on-death (POD) bank account.

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Probate disputes may be Catastrophic to families. Suspicions will grow when one relative has a closer relationship with the estate holder. Perhaps that person was given power of attorney ahead of your loved ones and managed the property’s finances. Where would be the anticipated assets today? Were any odd gifts made before your loved one-handed?

Things to Ask a Lawyer

When collecting your ideas and documents, think about what you will want to ask the attorney. Think about including on your list questions about attorney’s first impressions of your situation attorney’s experience with conditions such as your attorneys’ fees and other expenses (flat-rate or by the hour) added costs to contemplate (such as recording fees) who drafts the documents and that then reviews them how much time it will take till you have your finalized documents the attorney-client privilege when you have concerns about privacy.

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