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Rathburn & Associates will be your trusted advisor as you navigate your biggest life changes. Let us help you secure your family’s future.

Even though I’m an Attorney and Accountant, I’m a fan of simplicity. I believe the clients like that I help them understand their situation and align their expectations with what can reasonably be anticipated. I believe in providing real value to clients and making a sincere effort to save clients money. Clients like us for that. I am thankful for clients who consistently return when they have legal needs. Over the years, clients have provided countless referrals, which says a great deal.

Our mission is to earn clients’ trust, to help clients achieve their goals, to help clients save money sincerely, and to achieve a “win-win,” positive result. I ask prospective clients to give us a chance, and my goal is they will later be able to say they are glad they did. My role is to tell clients what can be expected, even if it’s not what they thought when they first came in.

It’s generally much better to contact us when you anticipate a need, especially if it’s a big financial transaction. With the great transition to electronics and the internet, there are more and more “do-it-yourself legal” sites. Maybe this may lead some to feel “satisfied.” Why leave your legal needs to chance? Isn’t it worth a good old-fashioned, face-to-face conversation? Don’t be fooled. Of course, we see the ones that didn’t “work” right. There’s nothing like the personal service we provide. It comes down to creating a relationship of attorney/client trust. Give us a call. Come see me. My office treats everyone with dignity, respect, and care. Call 614-497-9918 – talk to Vicki; you will love her. We will speak with you right from that first call. I look forward to getting to know you.

Dennis Rathburn, our attorney at Rathburn & Associates, will work for YOU and on behalf of business owners near Columbusto protect their personal and business assets, whether through Ohio estate planning with wills, trusts, and powers of attorney, or dispute resolution with or without lawsuits, or business planning with contracts.

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