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Real estate transactions can be harder to complete than it sounds. Whether you are selling, buying, renting, or transferring ownership, you will need a qualified Real Estate Lawyer in Columbus, Ohio, to draw the proper paperwork for the transaction to go smoothly. Rathburn & Associates has the qualifications and experience to arrange negotiations, defend or prosecute on your behalf in court, and provide the proper documentation. Dennis Rathburn is a trustworthy advisor and real estate transaction lawyer on the following residential and commercial real estate processes:

• Deeds: Survivorship, General Warranty, Quit Claim Deed, Fiduciary Deed, etc.
• Buy/Sell: Contracts, Residential
• Transfer on Death Designation Affidavit
• Certificate of Transfer
• Life Estate & Remainderman
• First Right of Refusal
• Survivorship: WROS, JWROS, Tenants in Common, Undivided Interest

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Protect your investment, or want to purchase property – then turn to Rathburn & Associates. Having a qualified Real Estate Attorney in Columbus, OH on your side is the best way to get the results you need.

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Real Estate Lawyers Columbus OH

We represent our clients in both commercial and residential property issues. Our law firm is composed of helping clients handle sales and purchases of mortgages as well as mortgage issues. We also supply Title Insurance.

Commercial Property Estate

Rathburn & Associates can help represent sellers and buyers of borrowers, investors, real estate, and owners of property in distinct parts of the marketplace. We represent clients in real estate taxation issues, such as filing and safeguarding Current Agricultural Use Valuation (CAUV) software, complaints against valuation, and exempt usage software.

A huge portion of our property practice involves property fund jobs. We have represented clients of more than 100 million from the mezzanine and commercial lenders. We work in workouts, loan modification agreements, and forbearance arrangements together with our customers, and also out of funding which arises in litigation. A number of our customers are property businesses, and we represent them in reviewing and drafting easement agreements, and property sale and purchase agreements.

Residential Real Estate Attorneys Columbus OH

We represent clients in the sale and purchase of condos and houses. We help them in working through the steps of closing the purchase and in negotiating property purchase arrangements. These transactions proceed smoothly, but our expertise is valuable in assisting our customers in reacting if something from the ordinary occurs. We counsel customers on how to structure the sale or purchase of the house also to tackle objectives and make financing effective. We represent clients once a sale or the purchase of a house does not go as anticipated. This includes the discovery of a state of the property which comes up after the purchase. For many individuals, the sale and the purchase of a house happens. It is a normal occurrence. Because of this, we are in a position to manage the transaction economically and efficiently. On request, we are pleased to attend the real estate closing to help guarantee that the trade finished and is closed.


Rathburn & Associates, LLC is involved in some eviction activities. In an eviction action, a client’s question is about time: How long does the eviction process take? We have worked to make an efficient and effective eviction method to provide our client’s what they want.

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