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Guide To The Probate Process In Ohio

What to Know About Probate: Estate Planning Basics Here’s a Guide To The Probate Process In Ohio- Probate is the legal process after someone dies, in which the decedent’s property is assessed and distributed. Probate is a necessary legal procedure that takes place following the death of an individual. During this process, the deceased person’s assets are evaluated and distributed…

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Is your loved one responsible for the debts of their deceased spouse?

Spouses and children often ask each other the following question after the death of a loved one: “Am I liable for the debts of the deceased?“ The general answer is NO. Heirs and next-of-kin are not personally liable for debts owed by the deceased. The estate of the deceased person may be responsible for properly-presented claims. Ohio law gives a…

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What should we know before hiring a probate attorney?

Some people leave property, money, and other valuables to family and friends. While others have more specific requests. Depending on your age, you may need to choose legal guardians for your children in your will. Find an estate planning and probate attorney that specializes in your type of estate planning. Some lawyers are highly skilled in handling large sums of…

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