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Feel free to email me now to set up an appointment Whether you are searching Google to find the best probate lawyers near you in Summerford, Ohio, to dispute a will in Summerford or a family trust in Summerford OH or need help defending a valid Trust or will in OH, our Summerford Probate Law firm near you can help.. Are you interested in my probate attorney legal services in Summerford in the area of Estate Planning in Summerford, Probate Court in Summerford, or Real Estate Law in Summerford? Dennis Rathburn Attorney At Law in Summerford can help you handle cases involving any probate administration in Summerford or estate in Summerford or trust litigation issue in Summerford, including the following:

1) OH Trusts or Wills disputes and contests (undue influence duress, fraud) in Summerford
2) Contested guardianships in Summerford
3) Asset ownership Disputes for Summerford
4) Concealed or Missing assets from an estate or trust in Summerford
5) Red Flag real estate suspicious transfers (gifts or sales)
6) Verifying shipment’s validity outside of probate
7) Trust Compliance with obligations in a trust document

At Rathburn & Associate, near you in Summerford, OH. We have what you will need to help you. Below are some documents for seniors in Summerford. OH really needs to have setting up and in place some legal work in Summerford that could save their hard-earned property in Summerford as well as money:

1) Living Wills for Summerford Ohio: Different from an Ohio state Healthcare Power of Attorney in Summerford, this legal document pertains to and deals with life-prolonging measures, should you be unable to make those decisions at the time.
2) Will Summerford Ohio: An Ohio legal document in Summerford helps you so you can transfer – pass your assets after death to those you love and want to choose.
3) Summerford Ohio Medicaid Asset Protection Trust (MAPT): An irrevocable trust in Summerford, OH, which helps protect your assets when, if, and you need to qualify for Medicaid in Summerford, OH.
4) Summerford Ohio Lady Bird Deeds: Protects you from losing your home in Summerford, Medicaid liens in Summerford, and the process of probate in Summerford.
5) Veterans Asset Protection Trusts (VAPT) Summerford Ohio: Did you know VA Pension Benefits for Summerford Ohio areas now have a 3-year look-back period for asset transfers in Summerford? Best for veteran’s pensions planning ahead and qualifying.
6) General Durable Power of Attorneys Summerford, Ohio: Enables a person you trust to handle your affairs and qualify you for probate benefits in Summerford when you might need them.
7) Summerford Ohio Healthcare Power of Attorneys near you: Enables someone you trust to make your Summerford healthcare decisions if you cannot make those decisions yourself.

Do you believe in planning ahead ?

RATHBURN & ASSOCIATES CAN HELP! It’s what we specialize in and do. We take pride in using the correct legal laws in Summerford to protect your hard-earned money and property in Summerford, OH.

Best Summerford, Ohio Probate Attorneys near me

Summerford, Ohio Probate Lawyer, and Estate Planning Attorneys. At Rathburn & Associates, We will fight and work hard to help you obtain will and trust settlements in Summerford and resolve estate disputes in Summerford effectively. Our attorney provides high levels of experience to help families in Summerford with probate processes and any trust & estate litigation in Summerford Ohio., Dennis Rathburn can create precise, flexible, legal estate plans in Summerford, and ensure families in Summerford are given the full protections of Ohio’s state laws, and make sure that your assets are distributed per our client’s wishes. The rules and Ohio regulations in Summerford that govern your estate are complicated. And all too often, many estates end up in probate proceedings because individuals did not have effective estate planning. Contact our Summerford probate law firm to schedule a consultation with an experienced probate law attorney.

Summerford Probate Law Practices:


With an experienced Summerford probate lawyer such as Dennis Rathburn by your side, you don’t have to worry about fighting probate legal disputes in Summerford by yourself. Probate Settlements in Summerford are not always possible. Probate in Summerford, OH, offers an opportunity to ensure the validity of a will. Before assets in Ohio can be distributed to heirs, the decedents will need to be observed by the probate courts in Summerford. In such legal battles and cases, grief-stricken survivors have matters which can quickly overwhelm them. Ohio Summerford Estate plans that are not carefully drawn up can end in contested wills or trusts or other costly probate litigation in Summerford. Also, a will contest or trust contest can severely strain family relationships. Our law firm in Summerford takes on the burden of resolving estates & trust litigation in Summerford, OH. Our ultimate goal is to obtain a fast settlement of the estate in Summerford to your satisfaction and to keep disputes from happening.

Estate Administrations for Summerford Ohio

Ohio Estate administration in Summerford is the process of managing the estate in Summerford based on the deceased’s personal estate planning wishes. The administration of a person’s estate in Summerford can be overwhelming, especially when a family in Summerford is grieving the loss of a loved one. When a person passes away and dies, all his or her possessions, such as amounts of money, stocks, bonds, properties in Summerford, personal effects, etc., become part of an Ohio estate in Summerford. We can handle all of the Summerford estate administration procedures, including verifying the will in Summerford, collecting assets in Summerford, determining debts and paying creditors in Summerford, filing estate taxes in Summerford, and distributing the remaining assets accordingly in Summerford.

Guardianship’s in Summerford Ohio

If you are worried about a guardian near you in Ohio, Our Estate Planning Law firm in Summerford OH can help you contest an Ohio application for guardianship in Summerford or our probate lawyer in Summerford can file a breach of fiduciary duty- legal OH claims against a guardian if you feel that the person is stealing funds or possibly mismanaging. When a person, a senior citizen in Summerford, cannot take care of themselves, because of physical impairments or mental disabilities in Summerford, the Probate Courts in Summerford can appoint an OH guardian to watch over the person’s legal and financial affairs. Not just for the elderly in Summerford, court-appointed guardians in Summerford, care for disabled children in Summerford, or manage monetary inheritances in Summerford or life insurance policy payouts for minors in Summerford and more.


What kind of Ohio lawyer handles wills and trusts in Summerford, OH?

a) Have a large number of assets in Ohio, especially those subject to estate taxes in Summerford,
b) Want to create trust in Summerford, such as allowing a spouse to live in your home in Summerford until he or she dies and then leave it.

How much could an Ohio estate plan cost near me in Summerford?

The average national cost to create an estate plan ranges from Several hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars but can cost much more in complicated situations. Writing a more complicated will and holding assets in the trust for Summerford, Ohio, can require $3,000 or more. The timeline of creating an estate plan generally takes about a month or two, starting with the initial consultation with the wills attorney in Summerford to design an estate plan that fits your goals and budget. The price of an Ohio estate plan in Summerford depends mostly on the complexity and number of parts and the of the documents. The most common estate plan in Summerford is merely getting a will in Summerford, but it may also include designating power of attorneys in Summerford or a health care proxy to another person in Summerford, writing a living will in Summerford, or making a HIPAA authorization in Summerford. For example, an estate attorney in Summerford may charge only $1,000+ to prepare an essential Ohio will providing outright distribution — meaning that assets and Ohio Summerford property and are distributed upon death. Once an estate plan in Summerford, Ohio, is written, the attorney near you in Summerford meets with the clients.

How much does it cost to have a living will in Summerford, Ohio?

The cost typically ranges depending on your Summerford OH attorney’s fees; some charge by the hour, while others have a flat rate for writing a living will in Summerford. Either a family attorney in Summerford, Ohio or an estate in Summerford or will in Summerford, an attorney in Summerford, help you prepare a living will either as part of your general estate planning in Summerford or as an individual document. Some states require living wills to be notarized, which adds averages In a living will — also called an advanced healthcare directive — You can also answer questions important in a Living will like your preferences for artificial hydration tube feeding, , and pain medication in situations when you cannot communicate your wishes on your own. you specify whether you want to be kept on life support if you become terminally ill or lapse into a persistent vegetative state.


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