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Ohio Estate Planning essentials for the future of LGBTQ+ families

Here are the steps to take

Estate Planning for Same-Sex Couples in Ohio

Ohio members of the LGBTQ+ community are less likely than others to get married or have children with one parent. They must ensure that all necessary documents such as powers-of-attorney and wills are in place in case of illness or death. Ohio Estate planning challenges remain for many LGBTQ individuals who entered … planning documents, especially those drafted before 2015, is essential. … this opens pandora’s box, the door to future claims against their estate.

Non-married partners need to be aware of these things because they do not have the same rights as married partners to access information or make healthcare decisions for their partners in an emergency won’t be able to access bank accounts if not in joint names. Asset protection strategies in OH and estate planning are essential for same-sex couples living in Columbus who want to leave an inheritance for each other or give their partner.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 58% of the 980,000 married couples in the nation’s same-sex households were legalized in 2015. Census Bureau. There is a misconception that Ohio estate planning is for people with a lot of wealth.

Estate Planning for LGBT Couples · 3 Considerations This is what LGBTQ+ families should know about estate planning.

Protecting your children

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One parent may be the biological parent in LGBTQ+ couples who have children. Or both. They might have used a surrogate or egg donor to conceive the child.

Although there are different rules in each state regarding parental rights, Nelson stated that the legal parent with legal rights is the biological parent, barring any court documentation. Small businesses that are LGBTQ positive about the future but do not have succession plans.

Are you unable to afford an estate plan? Here are some fantastic ways to help save money on your estate planning. Families can opt-out of monthly child tax credit payments in the advance birth certificate without the names of both parents on it might not suffice. The bottom line was that you need a court order stating these parents are required. This document could be either adoption or a parental judgment depending on the state. INVEST IN YOU: READY. GROW GROW


If there is no will, unmarried partners cannot inherit any inheritance.

Last will is a document that outlines who your assets should be to upon your death. You can also name a guardian to your minor children. It can help you and your family avoid any disputes that might arise if there’s no plan or clearly stated.

Durable power to the attorney

If you cannot make financial decisions, a durable power of attorney allows someone else to do so. This person can access your bank accounts and pay your rent, mortgage, or other bills.

An attorney with healthcare power

This document, also known as a health care proxy, allows someone to make decisions regarding your medical needs when you can’t do so.

Living the life you want

A living will in Ohio (also known as an advanced directive) lets you express your wishes regarding the estate plan and legacy medical treatment you wish to receive. Your healthcare proxy must follow your direction.

Asset Protection through Living Trusts, Irrevocable Trusts, and LLC’s

Ohio law gives spouses and children priority over assets that are passed through wills. However, same-sex partners have no rights. We had to create an estate plan to allow assets to be passed from one partner to another without a will or probate court. According to Dayton, OH, estate planners, trusts, and LLCs (limited liability corporations) were a great way to protect assets and name heirs.

Trusts are not subject to the same laws as wills or probate proceedings. Trusts are legal entities that set their own rules regarding how assets are managed. This includes who gets control under certain circumstances such as death or incapacitation of the trust creator. We were able to give each partner control over their assets throughout their lives and ensure that the intended inheritance would be passed to the other partner through a combination of living trusts, irrevocable, and LLCs.

Medical Directives secure partner’s Medical Decisions

As with wills, Ohio law favors parents and children when making medical decisions for an incapacitated person. Unless expressly authorized by legal documents, domestic partners and same-sex spouses are not allowed to make medical decisions on behalf of incapacitated partners. It’s recommended to have the following documents in place:

* Healthcare or medical power-of-attorney
* HIPAA General Authorization Form;
* Living will.

HIPAA authorization (Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act)

Will enable partners to access each other’s medical records. If one of the partners is seriously injured and is left infirm or mentally incapacitated after an accident, the HIPAA authorization will allow the other to access the medical records.

An Advance Healthcare Directive also knows a living will. It allows someone to decide which medical procedures or treatments they want or not. This happens if they are unable or unable to communicate with their doctor. If one of the partners cannot make their own medical decisions, a healthcare/medical power-of-attorney allows them to make those decisions for the other.

Get help

It Recommends that you hire an attorney specializing in LBGTQ+ partners. Ask your financial professional to recommend an attorney if you don’t already know one. It is crucial to have a Columbus Ohio, attorney who understands and can help you navigate this complex issue.

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