experienced columbus ohio trust and estates attorneyHow to contest a trust from home

It is very common to contest a trust. It is possible to avoid going to court for your inheritance because trust disputes are usually settled outside of court. You won’t even need to travel far to meet with your beneficiaries. Ask if Zoom, Skype, or Facetime are options available for case evaluations. You can send documents via email, Dropbox, or other means. You can also follow up by phone, email, text, Zoom, Skype, Facetime, or by text. It’s easier than ever to contest a trust. Let’s take another look.

What steps are required to contest a trust?

It is easier than ever to contest a trust today thanks to modern technology. Our attorney has extensive experience with remote clients. Although they don’t physically visit our offices or provide hard-copy documents, we have been able to help them get their trust distributions and inheritance. We can help you with any challenge that you might face, whether it be an estate dispute, will contest, trust dispute, or another type of estate issue. Here are some blog tips to help you get what you want.

Can I speak with my trust attorney online?

It is legal to communicate with your trust attorney almost entirely via phone, email, text or video conference. Nothing requires you to visit an attorney’s office or for them to visit your home. After the attorney and client establish a relationship, most communication can be done by phone or email. The client chooses which method they prefer.

Can I electronically sign documents relating to trust contests?

Most courts allow you to electronically sign or virtually sign trust litigation documents. These processes can be done quickly and easily using DocuSign or other similar technologies. You can authorize the use of your approved electronic signature or e-signature even if you don’t have these technologies. We use secure document portals to make the process quick, easy, and secure for our clients.

Most steps in a trust contest can be completed without you having to appear in court or at your lawyer’s office. Examples include:

  1. Discuss your situation
    • Technology used: Email, telephone, Zoom, Skype, Facetime, GoToMeeting, etc.
  2. You can contest a trust if you have grounds (e.g. undue influence, incapacity, etc.)
    • Technology used: Email, telephone, Zoom, Skype, Facetime, GoToMeeting, etc.
  3. Gather documents
    • Email, Dropbox, etc.
  4. Send the demand letter to opposing sides; negotiate a resolution, if necessary
    • Technology used: Your lawyer
  5. Prepare the contest petition and file it
    • Technology: Your lawyer; electronic filing; Service
  6. Participate in court hearings
    • Technology used: Your Columbus, OH lawyer; Court call
  7. Client updates
    • Technology used: Email, telephone, Zoom, Skype, Facetime, GoToMeeting, etc.
  8. Negotiate a resolution, if possible
    • Technology: Virtual mediation; Your lawyer

Do I have the right to file court documents electronically?

Yes. All forms and documents can be electronically filed through your trust litigation lawyer, who has access via email and a probate court site. This saves time and money, as well as aggravation. Your trust can’t be disputed online. A trust dispute is usually settled through mediation. Mediation involves clients and attorneys speaking, debating, and drafting documents. Clients and attorneys do not have to meet in person for any of these activities. Virtually all mediation can be done by phone, email, or web conference.

Is it possible to contest a trust online?

No, you cannot. There is currently no online process to pursue a trust contest before the courts. It is possible to find a trust litigation lawyer nearby in Columbus who can use the available technology to gather information and documents, prepare and file any court documents, serve them, and handle your court hearings. This will help you to negotiate a positive resolution. All communication and document gathering can take place electronically via webcam, Skype, Facetime, or GoToMeeting.

What grounds can you use to contest a trust?

Fraud, mistakes, undue influences, and incapacity are some of the most common reasons to contest a trust. Every day, we deal with cases involving loved ones whose parents or loved ones have been victims of fraud, mistakes, undue influence by caregivers, siblings or stepmothers or trusted family members, or incapacity. This is especially true as baby boomers age.

Online court motions are possible

Yes. Many courts allow electronic filing of motions. This saves time, money, and aggravation. Many courts also require that you reserve your online space for filing your electronic motions before you can file them electronically. Technology has simplified the entire process.

What grounds can you use to sue a trustee?

A Breach of Fiduciary duty is one of the most common grounds to sue a trustee. It is common to challenge trusts, but you can also sue trustees if they, or an institution trustee, fail to act in your best interest. The State Probate Code requires that trustees act in the best interests of trust beneficiaries and the trust. Contact a cheap trust litigation lawyer near me in Columbus immediately if you suspect that a trustee has breached their fiduciary duties. You may have to act quickly. You have a better chance of regaining your inheritance and distributions if you consult counsel sooner than later.

What is a breach of trust?

Usually, a breach of trust refers to a trustee’s violation of fiduciary duty. A trustee must act in accordance with reasonable trustee standards and be prudent. Trust beneficiaries are not to be favored by trustees or act in a way that isn’t beneficial. In essence, trustees have a fiduciary obligation to trust beneficiaries’ best interests and if they don’t, they will most likely have violated that duty.

What are the best times to hire a trust litigation lawyer?

It’s time for a trust litigation lawyer to be contacted if you suspect trust breach, embezzlement, or trustee theft. Many trust attorneys in Columbus will provide a consultation and some may not charge anything unless they win a settlement or prevail at trial.

Are there trust lawyers near me?

It is crucial to choose the right trust litigation lawyer. These are the three things to be aware of:

1. You should look for a trusted litigation attorney/lawyer who has experience in investigating, prosecuting, and defending specific legal claims.
2. You should find a trust litigation lawyer with whom you are comfortable and who has a great report. It can be stressful and emotionally draining. Many people believe they need a “shark”, or a Pitbull, but the truth is that you need a trusted Columbus Ohio attorney who can understand your case and listen to your goals. They also need to have a strategy to help you achieve your goals. A sound strategy that achieves the best results in the shortest time and with the lowest legal costs is what you want. This is the sweet spot.
3. Find a trust litigation lawyer who can meet your financial needs. A contingency trust litigation attorney is available if you cannot afford the legal costs. Your lawyer should not hesitate to offer a contingent or hybrid fee arrangement if they believe in your case.

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