The purpose of having an estate plan is everything goes the way you want it if you’re no longer able to speak for yourself or you have passed away. Below you will discover a few critical things you need to know before you begin. Estate Lawyer Columbus Ohio.

When to Start Planning?

If estate planning is brought up in conversation, many people often think they have time to sort everything out. Accidents can happen at any time, and you want to be prepared, so your wishes are followed. We recommend people begin planning their will, guardianship for children, and power of attorney for medical and financial assets right now. Waiting is not a good idea when it comes to estate planning.

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Choose a Trusted Individual to Manage Your Estate Plan

We recommend you put some thought into choosing who will be in charge of your estate plan. You need to pick someone you trust and who will respect your wishes without causing issues within the family. However, your executor doesn’t have to be a person you are related too.

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