It can be challenging to understand when the right time to reach out to a probate attorney is. Our team at Rathburn & Associates helps families, just like yours, during the difficult times following the death of a loved one. For your convenience, here are a couple of the many reasons you should turn to our Probate attorney for assistance. Probate Attorney Columbus Ohio.

Incomplete Estate Plan for a Loved One Who Recently Passed

When a loved one passes away, it is overwhelming for the entire family even when they have a properly completed Estate Plan. However, many individuals do not have an Estate Plan or the Estate Plan they have is incomplete. So how does the family move forward with their loved ones Probate Estate? There are many legal issues to address. Let us simplify this process for you. Reach out to our law firm so we can help protect your family’s assets.

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When Family Members Do Not Agree

After a loved one has passed, everyone is processing the loss differently. Unfortunately, some family members might not agree with the Estate Plan that was left by the one who recently passed. If someone in your family is challenging it, you can turn to us for assistance.

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